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Petrophysical Evaluations

WellPerform provides operational and studies petrophysical expertise in Geothermal, CCS, Oil & Gas and also for machine learning purposes.


Petrophysical Evaluations

We are highly focused on data quality assurance, to quantify and describe the key parameters of the reservoir controlling flow while understanding the uncertainty of our models and estimates.  

Our petrophysical formation evaluation competencies and support are both within clastic rocks as well as carbonate and chalk reservoirs in the context of exploration- and field development projects. 

A special competence is our ability within complex multi-discipline projects in well planning, operations, integrated studies, capturing uncertainty, data acquisition and reserves assessment where large amounts of multifarious data needs be processed, quality controlled, interpreted and integrated to establish the optimum development strategy or remaining development potential. We hold experience utilizing both WL and LWD tools for data acquisition. 

For petrophysical formation evaluation we use the Interactive Petrophysics (IP), Geolog or Techlog software packages. Our petrophysicists have professional experience within many aspects of field development, fluid substitution of logs, petrophysical reviews and drilling operations.

  • Petrophysical evaluation of all types of wells (oil & gas, geothermal, CCS)
  • Characterisation of reservoir key parameters, uncertainties, and quick look interpretations during operations
  • Integration of both conventional and advanced logging tools and core data  
  • Fluid substitution of logs for geophysical modeling
  • Design of fit-for-purpose data acquisition programmes during well planning serving to reduce costs
  • Preparation of well log data for Machine Learning studies


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