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Headers are all about clear communication

Apartamento bills itself as “an everyday life interiors magazine”. It’s a modest publication: uncoated stock, 170 × 240mm, low-key design with personal stories and intimate photography. The homes are unstaged, lived in and human. Unlike most other interior magazines with “clean” photography, Apartamento is messy and real. It’s designed with a light hand, tending towards vernacular. Of course, every decision is painstakingly considered, but it doesn’t feel precious. It’s a perfect mix of content and form.

Clearface, Futura and a bit of Plantin make up the vast majority of Apartamento’s typography. They mostly use the bold cuts, even for setting text. It’s an unusual but welcome move; the dense type matches the dense images. Futura’s sober geometry plays off Clearface’s weird curves, perhaps echoing the contrasts within the stories and images. I’ve already gone deep on Futura;¹ every type designer knows it intimately. Clearface was my blind spot.² Of course, I knew it existed, but I wasn’t interested until I picked up Apartamento.

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