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Permitting & Authority Approvals

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Permitting & Authority Approvals

Naturally, first of all, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) or a similar authority has to approve the project before any further planning can start up. But accidental overlooking of a seemingly insignificant permission from a local authority may delay an operation and add millions of US$ to the final cost of your project. Therefore WellPerform calls for a meeting with all interested parties at the municipality at an early stage and see to that a senior official is nominated to act as the one and only contact person throughout the project.

Our legal advisors and our experienced team are able to prevent you from falling into costly and time-consuming loopholes – so, consider us to serve as your “legal and administrative blow-out preventer”.

From the earliest stage of your project WellPerform is able to assist and advise when submitting your project to the Danish Energy Agency (DEA), when discussing environment protection with the Danish Environment Protection Authority (DEPA) or when briefing the local municipality about your intentions.

Local regulations regarding working conditions and environment protection may cause concern too for an operator, but here WellPerform – based on previous experience – is able to advise on the trends and pave the way to solutions satisfactory to the authorities as well as to the operator.

What people do not know about, often worries them. WellPerform is experienced in handling the appropriate communication and required reporting to authorities and the local community alike.

Trust us to know the latest trends and see to that the adequate reports and statements are made and that the good relationship to the locals is maintained.

During the entire operation WellPerform can closely liaise with national and regional authorities and bodies as well as with the local municipality and population in the neighbourhood in order to avoid small issues from developing into costly operational delays. We know the language of the region.

A growing number of statutory regulations are issued from national and regional authorities in order to protect the environment and maintain a safe work site. Most of these regulations require some kind of documentation. WellPerform have the necessary forms and experience in submitting them in the correct way.


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Permitting & Authority Approvals
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