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WellPerform provides operational and studies petrophysical expertise in Geothermal, CCS, Oil & Gas and also for machine learning purposes.



Geothermal energy has in recent years gained increased momentum across the globe as a sustainable type of energy for both heat and power generation. WellPerform has been active in this area for nearly a decade and have to date delivered several engineering and geological studies as well as complete turn key projects for well delivery.

WellPerform has thorough experience and knowledge, which is applied to planning, drilling, testing and intervention of geothermal wells including evaluation of the geology and reservoir and troubleshooting in connection with well productivity / injectivity problems.

WellPerform is performing client feasibility studies to evaluate the potential for geothermal energy and how risks can be mitigated. These studies include amongst others, third party reviews, risk assessments, evaluation of insurance programmes, well site design, environmental impact assessments, procurement and contracting strategies etc.

Through the years, we have delivered work within geothermal energy for clients in Denmark, The Netherlands, United States, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Philippines.

Specifically for Denmark, we have played a key role by assisting the authorities in developing several initiatives for risk mitigation, guidelines and geothermal funding scheme. In total, WellPerform has prepared more than 10 reports and guidelines for the Danish Energy Agency. Most of them are available for download on their page here.

  • Data management combined with recognised Geographical Information Systems (ArcGIS)
  • Provision of full project and well management
  • Tailored client-based technical solutions
  • Completion and production optimisation


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