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Geology & Geophysics

WellPerform provides operational and studies petrophysical expertise in Geothermal, CCS, Oil & Gas and also for machine learning purposes.


Geology & Geophysics

Our competences cover both geothermal, CCS and oil & gas projects and span the full project lifecycles from licence application, play based evaluation, geophysical and geological studies (seismic interpretation, geological modeling, sequence stratigraphic and/or core studies etc.), prospect generation, prospect risking (Pg), probabilistic volume and/or geothermal output estimates.  

We deliver subsurface screening of areas, offset well reviews, feasibility study reports, well proposals, well prognosis for different purposes within geothermal, CCS and oil & gas. Furthermore, our subsurface observations feed into the well planning and engineering team to avoid critical knowledge gaps in the well design.

A good understanding of the overall subsurface structures, properties and conditions is essential and a prerequisite to the planning and drilling of wells with the required design, functionality, and integrity. Projects are carried out in close collaboration with our customers to ensure the services and products (results) fulfil the needs and requirements.

  • Screening studies to highlight best geothermal potential areas, suitable structures for CCS or best O&G prospects
  • Geology and geophysics interpretations for exploration/appraisal/development
  • Preparation of Operations Geology and Well site geology packages
  • Specialized subsurface studies/evaluations of cores, mineralogy, SCAL, reservoir parameters, PPFG, temperature
  • Geology and geophysics for well planning, data acquisition, subsurface risk assessments and mitigations


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Geology & Geophysics
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