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Review Incidents and Recommend Actions in a Geothermal Project

Identify root causes, determine impact on well life and develop corrective actions for preventions.

About the project

Life Cycle
Impact of Failure

The review of drilling operations identified the following as the main contributors to the excessive number of days spent at the well site.

Non-productive Time: A combination of too optimistic planning and inconsistent NPT reporting was identified, where several NPT events are not captured and documented. Better reporting and follow-up on NPT events should be implemented.

Contractor: The selection of specialized contractors and systems was not adequate for drilling conditions of the well.

Procedures and Organization: Procedures and organizational structure play a critical role in preventing major operational issues by ensuring that the right resources are allocated to the project and that clear procedures are in place for design, planning and construction phases. The main cause of an operational efficiency significantly lower than expected and the severe issues encountered, is identified as insufficient organizational set-up, lack of procedures and/or discipline in adhering to procedures and a tendency to be too optimistic during the planning phase.

The main recommendations were listed and plotted in a Heat map.

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