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ONE-Dyas GEMS Project

Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) GEMS Project – Dutch and German sectors of the southern North Sea.

About the project

The Netherlands
Extended Reach
High Pressure
Temperature Modelling
Well Material Selection Advice

GEMS stands for ‘Gateway to the Ems’. The project is located at the mouth of Ems estuary and straddles multiple shallow-water licenses in the Dutch and German sectors of the southern North Sea. The project focuses primarily on the development of field N05-A, located in the North Sea on the border of Netherlands and Germany. Powered by the German Riffgat wind farm, platform operations will generate near zero emissions.

WellPerform assists the ONE Dyas Team with specialist engineering personnel who collaborate in creating complete well lifecycle documents as required by the ONE Dyas Management System. In the Well Planning phase, some of the documents created include Basis of Design, Casing Design using Halliburton Landmark Software Stress-Check, and Risk Registers, among others, which also comply with NOGEPA requirements. Additional specialist resources are pulled in from the WellPerform pool to provide independent opinions on specific topics such as temperature modeling and cement.

We are actively involved in the procurement and contracting phase to communicate well requirements and recommend the best service contractor for the well, considering HSE performance, technical capabilities, service quality, and cost. During operations, we assist the team with daily operations and monitor performance, time, and cost. At the end of the well, a comprehensive end-of-well report is prepared, including operations comparisons with planned and actuals, along with associated costs. We also contribute to the lessons learned register for continuous improvement of the entire well cycle.

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