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German P&A Market Review for a Service company

Analysis of the German P&A market, Key Recommendations

About the project

Market Analysis
Rig availability
Business Plan

The history of oil & gas drilling activities in Germany is both long and extensive. Asa result, the market potential for plugging and abandonment (P&A)activities is significant. Based on the technical and economic assessments carried out as part of this study, it has proven that there is an opportunity to establish a P&A focused business, focus group or team in Germany, to further evaluate and implement an integrated P&A product line, comprising of planning, rigs and services.

The key outcomes:

P&A activities are gaining an increasing level of focus from the German regulatory authorities. At the same time, this is adding increased financial obligations on the oil & gas operators, in an environment of declining production. The German P&A market will require the use of huge amount of rigs to deliver the mean annual P&A volume. Current drilling rig availability (and other associated services) is limited due to other operational activities. The existing market is not optimally organized and the market potential for new service providers is significant. Additional partners will be required to deliver the fully integrated services that would reduce the burden on the operators to a minimum, allowing them to further de-man organisationally and bring a better understanding of cost and risk profile for their decommissioning activities. In addition to the technical and economic evaluation, WellPerform also recommends an initial P&A business plan.

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