As subcontractor to our US partner PETROLERN LLC, WellPerform has been awarded the job of screening the entire area of the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia for geothermal resources.

WellPerform is responsible for the geological play screening and the work is carried out on behalf of Southern Company. Southern is a leading energy company serving 9 million customers. They provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy in the above mentioned three states.

The scope of work for screening the geothermal resource potential in the States of MS, AL and GA, includes three steps: 1) data mining, 2) play screening and 3) compilation of play maps.

This initial phase of screening is expected to be followed by a second phase where detailed evaluation of the geothermal resource potential is carried out. The project will evaluate the potential of producing low enthalpy geothermal energy for the purpose of heating as well as high enthalpy geothermal energy for the purpose of power generation. Our project team consist of Tina Rasmussen, Dorthe Juul Kann and Søren A Christensen.

To engage with the team please write to Soren – the project manager (