Development of the HELM Field in Tunisia

WellPerform is currently undertaking a rig management contract in Tunisia for commissioning and operation of the Jawhara 5 jack-up rig in connection with the development of the Halk El Menzel Field (HELM) for local operator TOPIC. The HELM concession was acquired by TOPIC in 2006 from Austrian Operator OMV.

The HELM Field is located offshore in the Gulf of Hammamet in the Tunisian sector of the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 70 km to the north-east of the towns of Mahdia and Monastir. The Gulf of Hammamet is a significant petroleum province.

Following the commissioning of the rig the operational phase will include drilling of three firm development wells and one optional exploration well.

The wells will be drilled to the top of the Ketatna formation reservoir sealed by the cap rock of the Ain Grab Formation at depths ranging from approx. 700 to 780 m sub sea. The wells are planned as deviated wells with near-horizontal drains of approx. 500-700 m. The optional exploration well is planned to reach target of depths at approx. 3000 m.

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Figure Cross-section of the the Halk El Menzel Field geology with indicated, approximate trajectory of the planned HELM-wells.