The day after the debate

Yesterday, WellPerform participated in a debate at Folkemødet on the challenges of creating a united energy system utilizing excess heat from wind and solar energy, and other green alternatives such as geothermal energy.

Key advantages of geothermal energy is:

  • Flexibility, geothermal energy can be used regardless of the weather
  • It can be switched on/off depending on the demand for heat
  • It is 100% CO2-neutral

Some of the challenges with geothermal energy in Denmark, is cost and that the risk is transferred to the end users/households. Currently, the use of geothermal energy is primarily directed towards district heating. These challenges, amongst others, needs to be discussed and solved in the near future so that the large, green energy resource that lies in the Danish subsurface may be utilized.

The debate, Sæt strøm til radiatoren (Apply power to your radiator) was hosted by Dansk Fjernvarme and Fors, and we thank everyone participating for a joyful and exciting event.

Should you wish to get more information, then please contact us on +45 4422 8180.