The work on site and with the local community

WellPerform has been operating in India with ONGC since May 2017. Following the successful completion of the drilling operations, our team planned and completed three HPHT TCP DST well test operations without any tool failures.

This has in part been due to the use of Cesium Formate that is being used by ONGC as a testing fluid medium. The fluid will sustain its composition, does not have filtrate fallout problems, and it is not affected by high temperatures (>200°C) in the well. This has been the main factor for all the down hole tools continuing to work without any difficulties – even under these harsh conditions.

WellPerform has been working with ONGC to overcome previous difficulties encountered with HPHT wells in India and this has proven to be a fruitful partnership, and good progress has been made from sharing ideas and past experiences, enhancing and achieving better and greater results by working together as a team.

The BTSAD well is located close to the town of Bhimavaram in the province of Andhra Pradesh, on the south-east coast of India, in the Bay of Bengal. ONGC has been operating in this area for a few years but success has been plagued by extremely high pressures and temperatures in the wells, and tools getting stuck and lost in the hole.

But with perseverance and guidance by our experts, ONGC seems to have put these problems behind them and are now forging ahead to bring this field to a gas production field, thus making this venture a great local success story and a great asset to all the local industries such as the fish farms and factories within the area, but also bringing natural gas to the community as a whole, improving lifestyle and local amenities.

Of cause, one could never operate in India without a cup of tea and a game of cricket with the locals. Unfortunately, the locals were a little short of equipment for a game of cricket, so myself and Mike Williams purchased some equipment on behalf of WellPerform so we could have a game of cricket with the local lads, featured in the picture with Mike and myself. Needless to say, it was a completely disorganised game of cricket with the British challenging the Indians. We were totally outnumbered, and knocking the ball anywhere into the outfield was impossible without getting caught out. Mike and I spend all our efforts trying to field the pitch and had to concede defeat due to exhaustion. The kids had a great time and have been playing cricket on a regular basis ever since.

Written by Mike Mulliner
Testing and Completions Engineer