Since August of 2019 WellPerform has provided OMV Norge with expert knowledge in terms of exploration for hydrocarbons in chalk. Our support during the autumn of 2019 has been rewarded by extending the project now entering into a second phase. When we entered phase one of this work we said we would go above and beyond to make OMV succesful in their endeavours finding oil in the chalk of the North Sea. It goes without saying we are grateful and truly please by the confidence and trust shown to us by expanding the collaboration.

The work includes identification of relevant offset wells, petrophysical evaluation and building of the project well data base. In addition we deliver in-depth technical- and geological knowledge in all aspects of the prospect evaluation, including migration, trapping, chalk morphology, core analysis and expected properties and architecture of the reservoir based on the nature of seismic.

Fell free to contact our project manager and petrophysicist Søren A Christensen, taking the lead on this project, by writing to