We have just completed a well intervention in a geothermal well in the Netherlands where it was necessary to think outside the box and challenge the conventional way of using the intervention unit.

Thomas Nylandsted Werge-Gross and Anders Stjernholm were down there acting as supervisors on our behalf and it goes without saying that it was a challenge to plan and conduct this abroad operation in safe manner due to the present global situation.

The intervention unit is conventionally used for replacement of ESP pumps, meaning tripping with tubing/casing. For this scenario, it was necessary to set a liner hanger packer by weight and rotate free with the running tool followed by setting 2 patch elements to regain casing integrity. It was all done with an annular preventer in place and with fluid control at surface.

The patches were tested successfully and a 9-5/8” x 11-3/4” tapered tie-back casing installed from the newly installed packer to surface. The ESP was then re-installed and the well successfully handed back to the operator for production.

Anyway, they are back home safe and sound (Anders is a bit shy and not so keen on having a photo taken 😊)