At WellPerform we have completed and delivered the design of the ultra-deep Sadiya-1 exploration well to Oil India. The well is planned to reach 6450m and will be drilled at the foot of Himalaya in Assam, India, north of Myanmar.

Here comes the crazy part. We completed the Conceptual Well Design, including complete analysis of a number of offset wells, in 1 month followed by a detailed well design programme containing a Drilling Programme (190 pages!!!), a Completion and Testing Programme and a P&A Programme. All work, including the conceptual design, was carried out in 2½ months.

Needless to say we are a little bit proud of that result …. and we received a “Certificate of Completion” that we have framed saying the client is very pleased with our preformance and the deliverables :)

Absolutely outstanding work by the small but extremely dedicated and skilled team. Next time, however, we would like just a little bit extra time for the job :)