We have completed the Play Area Mapping screening for geothermal resources in the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia for Southern Company.

The work is carried out in collaboration with our US partner PETROLERN LLC on behalf of R&D of Southern Company and aims at providing the foundation for scoping of more detailed projects within renewable energy.

The study area covers 415,117 km2 and the task was completed in less than 3 months by our exploration geologists Tina Rasmussen and Dorthe Juul Kann. Last week we made the initial presentation of the work and results to Program Manager R&D Richard A. Espositoo of Southern Company. With the results of this mapping we are able to focus the efforts and a number of potential R&D projects, within the space of geothermal energy as well as carbon storage, are starting to take shape.

Working together with Petrolern and Southern Company is truly rewarding and we are pleased (and proud) to be able to help Southern Company pursue their targets and ambitions in terms of reduction of CO2 emission.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Please contact Project Manager Søren A Christensen by writing to sac@wellperform.com