Well Design – Special Wells

An integrated course that covers complex well design considerations presented by environments like Ultra HPHT, High Sour, Extended Reach and Deep Water. The course aims to cover every aspect of well design and architecture and focuses on key critical engineering considerations for successful design and execution of wells in such environments.

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Day 1:

  • Well Integrity management – Organization, Design, Operational Procedures, Data System, Analysis
  • WBE – Primary and Secondary, Barrier design, testing and element acceptance criteria (EAC)
  • QRA – Quantitative risk assessment / Quantitative reliability assessment RAC – Risk acceptance criteria, FMECA/FTA,
  • Risk reduction and Well Integrity improvement, Special wells Well Design Challenges
  • Pre-assessment test
  • Well Integrity assessment exercise

Day 2:

  • Understand and analyse the fundamental challenges associated with high pressure and high temperature well designs
  • Delve into various design elements required for sound well architecture and material selection
  • Kick tolerance, cementing, Narrow margins, temperature considerations
  • HPHT well design exercise

Day 3:

  • To understand and analyse typical challenges associated with ERD wells like hydraulics and hole cleaning, torque and drag, wellbore stability, equipment selection
  • Casing wear, Fatigue, casing/liner floatation, slide/rotate (part string), wellbore tortuosity and drag, wellbore stability, maximize horizontal reach
  • ERD well design exercise

Day 4:

  • To gain understanding of high sour wells challenges and include these aspects into well design, material selection and qualification, NACE testing requirements
  • H2S challenges and material selection
  • High sour well design exercise

Day 5:

  • Understand and analyse the well engineering challenges and difficulties presented by Deep Water environment.
  • Deep Water wells basis of design, key risks/hazards, subsea well heads and casing strings
  • Cementation – narrow margin window, kick tolerance, trapped pressure due to TOC or due to barite sagging
  • Deep water well design exercise
  • Post assessment, feedback and certificates
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Participants will need to have a solid foundation within well engineering principles and well design at a senior level. A fundamental understanding of niche areas of well engineering is recommendable.

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Answers to FAQ’s like:

  • How to manage excessive drag on an ERD well
  • How buoyancy assistance can help casing or liner run in a long horizontal
  • Fatigue risks on a long horizontal rotating liner
  • Material anisotropy in high sour environment
  • Subsidence and compaction driven loads on well elements
  • Cementing challenges with ultra narrow pressure margin