Torque, Drag & Hydraulics

Well engineering course that introduces Torque & Drag and Hydraulics to drilling and completion planning and operations engineers, comprehensively covering fundamentals, industry best practice and what if analysis. The three day course is delivered with hands-on training using industry leading commercial software (WellPlan) and with real life well examples.

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Day 1:

  • Torque and Drag Fundamentals
  • Soft string and Stiff string models, Friction Factor, Wellbore tortuosity, trajectory, Open hole effective size, Operational and mud parameters
  • Drag forces and Torque analysis
  • Pre-assessment test
  • WellPlan Exercises – Well file build-up

Day 2:

  • Torque and Drag: Buckling analysis, Side force analysis, String stress analysis, Calibrate friction
  • Twist and stretch analysis, Floatation analysis
  • Margin of overpull, Fatigue analysis
  • WellPlan Exercises – Torque/Drag Analysis

Day 3:

  • Hydraulics Fundamentals: Rheology models, Pressure losses analysis, Basic swab/surge analysis, Hydraulics optimization (nozzle size selection), ECD analysis, Hole cleaning analysis
  • WellPlan Exercises – Hydraulics Analysis
  • Post assessment, feedback and certificates
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Participants will need to have basic experience with well engineering principles and well design. Experience with WellPlan software is recommendable as each participant will use the software throughout the course to compliment the theoretical sessions.

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Become familiar with:

  • Dynamic drag analysis with slack-off sensitivity analysis
  • String torque variations for a range of wellbore tortuosity’s
  • Liner rotation and fatigue analysis
  • String fatigue failure analysis due to shallow doglegs on a deep water well
  • Hole cleaning and cutting transport analysis on a ultra deep well with multiple liner strings