Integrated Well Planning

A well planning course that covers various elements of well design, planning and construction complementing to the critical path of the well delivery process. Focus is to understand various design attributes from conceptual to detailed well design and to integrate these attributes into optimized well construction and delivery while keeping risks to ALARP.

Detailed AgendaUpcoming CoursesPre-requisites

Day 1:

  • Well delivery models
  • Project and well objectives definition
  • Well delivery assurance
  • Prospect evaluation risks and volumes
  • Geological prognosis, pressure and temperature models
  • Defining Well Targets

Day 2:

  • Basis of design
  • Conceptual well planning
  • Well specific concepts (subsea, platform, hybrid)
  • Well options assessment
  • Risk assessment and shallow hazard assessment
  • Detailed well requirements,

Day 3:

  • Conductor design and structural integrity
  • Casing and tubing selection
  • Long lead item procurement plans
  • Well Control plan and relief well planning
  • Planning for data acquisition
  • Rig Selection

Day 4:

  • Drilling fluid & cement design
  • Well cost and time estimation
  • Directional drilling plans
  • BHA designs
  • Completion and stimulation design
  • Well clean-up plans
  • Contingency planning – risk assessment and probabilistic approach

Day 5:

  • Workshop on project planning
  • Management of change (MOC)
  • Contracts and controls
  • Well Examination
  • Well barriers and integrity
  • Post assessment, feedback and certificates
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Participants will need to have basic experience with well engineering principles and well design. A fundamental understanding of the well delivery process is recommendable.

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Become familiar with:

  • How to build a framework for each stage gate of process
  • What are the key requisites for conceptual well planning
  • Well planning is an iterative process. How can we reduce the overall cycle time?
  • Balanced approach to contingency planning and risk assessment
  • How to build up well failure modes and models
  • When a freeze should happen