Casing & Tubing Design (Basic)

A comprehensive insight to casing and tubing design with cost optimization tools to converge on best fit pipe size, weight, grade, material and connection type. Industry leading commercial software (StressCheck) is used to impart the training covering every element of the casing and tubing design process.

Detailed AgendaUpcoming CoursesPre-requisites

Day 1:

  • Preliminary casing and tubing design, Design Approaches like Deterministic (WSD) and Probabilistic
  • Pre-assessment test
  • Basis of Design, Initial Conditions
  • StressCheck Exercises – Well File Build-up with all inventory entries

Day 2:

  • Load Cases – Casing and Tubing
  • Installation Loads, Drilling Loads, Production/Injection Loads for casing strings and tubing
  • Design Factors: Rationale and assumptions, Design Factors for tubing, casing and connections
  • Tubular Strength: Axial, Burst, Collapse, De-ration due to Corrosion and Temperature
  • StressCheck Exercises – Tubing Design

Day 3:

  • Buckling and Temperature considerations, Design optimization techniques
  • Material Selection, Metallurgy Fundamentals, Corrosion mechanisms, Sour service grade selection
  • Tubing Design, Difference between casing and tubing design criteria, completion equipment selection
  • Connections: Types, applications, limitations, testing and qualification
  • StressCheck Exercises – Casign Design
  • Post assessment, feedback and certificates
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Participants will need to have basic experience with well engineering principles and well design. Experience with StressCheck software is recommendable as each participant will use the software throughout the course to compliment the theoretical sessions.

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Become familiar with:

  • Fundamental casing and tubing design principles
  • API 5C3:2008 design equations
  • How to define initial conditions of casing and tubing
  • Casing and tubing design criteria
  • Software workflow, data entry and results analysis
  • Run sensitivities, kick tolerance analysis and connection design