Casing & Tubing Design (Advanced)

Advanced well engineering course that introduces HPHT casing and tubing stress analysis to senior well engineers, comprehensively covering complex design challenges presented by HPHT & uHPHT environments. The course provides insights to balanced well integrity and best well architecture configurations using WellCAT hands-on training.

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Day 1:

  • Prelim design refresher, Design Approaches like Deterministic (WSD), Probabilistic, Reliability, Survival Design Concept
  • Pre-assessment test
  • Well Architecture, Well Integrity, Basis of Design, Initial Conditions (Producers and Injectors), Worst-case discharge loads
  • Load Cases – Casing and Tubing
  • Installation Loads, Drilling Loads, Production/Injection Loads, Drilling and Production Thermal loads
  • WellCAT Exercises – Well File Build up with all inventory entries

Day 2:

  • Design Factors: Rationale and assumptions, Uni-axial and Tri-axial Design Factors, Design Factors for Connections
  • Tubular Strength: Axial, Burst, Collapse, De-ration due to Corrosion and Temperature, Material Anisotropy, High Collapse (Non API), Limit state collapse
  • WellCAT Exercises – Drill and Prod Module

Day 3:

  • Temperature Considerations
  • Load Cases, Pipe Strength, Material Selection, Movement, Buckling, APB
  • Material Selection, Metallurgy Fundamentals, Corrosion mechanisms, Sour service grade selection
  • Fracture failure (brittle burst analysis), Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Tubing Design, Difference between casing and tubing design criteria, Completion equipment selection
  • WellCAT Exercises – Casing and Tube Module

Day 4:

  • Connections: Types, applications, limitations
  • Connection assessment levels (CAL), Testing and qualification, use of qualified envelopes in casing and tubing design (Connection tri-axial design)
  • Casing Wear proposed workflow, wear prediction workflow, wear factors, key factors impacting casing wear
  • WellCAT Exercises – Design with connection envelope, Casing Wear Analysis

Day 5:

  • Kick Tolerance
  • Survival design considerations, WCD, WCD loads (Cap and contain, Hot Collapse)
  • Multi-String Analysis incl. WHG, APB, System fixity considerations
  • Special problems, Expandable Tubular, Steam Cycling – issues like plastic strain, Bauschinger effect, low cycle fatigue, Subsidence/Compaction loads
  • WellCAT Exercises – Multi String Module AFE and WHG
  • Post Assessment, Feedback and certificates
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Participants will need to have a solid foundation within well engineering principles and well design at a senior level. Experience with WellCAT software is important as each participant will work extensively with the software throughout the course to compliment the theoretical sessions.


Denmark: EUR 2,000
EMEA Region: EUR 3,200

Answers to FAQ’s like:

  • Un-cemented casing buckling during next section drilling with potential impact on casing wear
  • System fixity and Well Head Growth
  • Friction impact on tubular buckling and movement
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer during production, fracing, stimulation, testing as transient and steady state
  • Tri-axial design of connections with qualified connection service envelope