Advanced Well Control

Advanced well control course designed to cover complex well control requirements and best practices with a refresher on basic well control. In line with OGP 476 recommendations of role based well control training the course is setup to complement elements of well control embedded in well designs and operational implications (IWCF level 5).

Detailed AgendaUpcoming CoursesPre-requisites

Day 1:

  • Basic Well control refresh
  • Geology, kill methods, MASP and MAASP
  • Understanding of Well Operating Envelope (WOE)
  • Well barrier definition, barrier elements, barrier qualification and verification
  • WellPlan Exercises – Well File Build-up with all inventory entries

Day 2:

  • Well integrity verification
  • Verification assurance methods, Positive and negative tests, log verification
  • Cementation and integrity
  • WellPlan Exercise – Well Control module – Influx volume estimation

Day 3:

  • Cement as a barrier – contd.
  • Pipe centralization, gas flow potential, wellbore stability and cement integrity, deterioration of barriers
  • Kick tolerance, parameters influencing kick tolerance, well design implications
  • WellPlan Exercise – Well Control Module – Kick Tolerance Analysis

Day 4:

  • HPHT well design challenges: narrow operating window, complex issues like well bore breathing
  • Metallurgy material selection
  • Corrosive environments and barrier envelope
  • Pressure and thermal cycles (dynamic loading)
  • Cracking/failure mechanisms
  • Life cycle integrity aspects

Day 5:

  • Shallow gas risks, design philosophies to manage risk to ALARP
  • Tertiary well control techniques including relief well design
  • Post assessment, feedback and certificates
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Participants will need to have a solid foundation within well engineering principles, well design, equipment and operational procedures at a senior level.

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Answers to FAQ’s like:

  • Free and dissolved gas distribution in a well control event
  • Maximum gas rate at surface and surface equipment capacity to handle it
  • Dynamic kill rates required for shallow gas blow out
  • Blow out control simulations
  • How to improve drilling efficiency on ultra narrow margin MPD well using mud cap