Well Cost Estimates

Cost Estimates Overview300x460WellPerform uses our own custom made software developed for providing precise and detailed overview of the time and budget for each well.

The budgetary time and cost estimates can be completed for:

  • Basic budgets for early design concept or feasibility studies
  • Detailed design stage
  • Execution stage
  • Exploration and development wells
  • Well testing

Our  well cost estimates provide a detailed and transparent breakdown of the individual cost areas such as:

  • Consumables
  • Drilling site
  • Mobilization
  • Service contracts
  • Man hour cost


Probabilistic Cost Estimates

We can supply all cost estimates as probabilistic estimates.

Cost Estimates Probabilistic650x439













Rig Rate Sensitivity Analysis

Our rig rate sensitivity analysis gives valuable information on the impact of changes in the rig rate.

Cost Estimates Rig Sensitivity650x376