HSE and Safety Management

Naturally, WellPerform is most concerned about the human implications caused by meeting with any kind of accident, but WellPerform is aware, too, that a timely delivery of a project within its agreed schedules and budget is depending on avoiding accidents by maintaining a high level of safety at the work site.HSE474x342

For that reason WellPerform is strictly complying with a zero-accident safety policy based on respect of the safety awareness, professional skills and common sense of the individual members of its experienced work force. WellPerform fully supports procedures and work descriptions as a basic foundation for work, but expects the team members to use their brains, too, for anticipating and mitigating the risks they may encounter in their various work situations.

Cooperation with authorities

At the start of any major project WellPerform routinely will contact the regional Work Environment Protection Authority (AT) in order to inform about and discuss the work activities to be performed – especially if manual activities are necessary due to the specifications of the drilling equipment.

WellPerform regards the authorities as an experienced sparring partner who is able to supply valuable information to the benefit of the health and safety of the crew, and thereby to the success and timely completion of the project.

Similarly, WellPerform will check that all crew members are in possession of the professional certificates of proficiency and experience required by the national authorities for their particular work at the site.

All emergency response manuals are submitted to the authorities for coordination and approval.

Selection of sub-contractors

The selection process of sub-contractors comprises an audit of their formal, statutory Safety Management System, SMS, as well as their general attitude towards safety and protection of health and a check of their safety record.

It is important for WellPerform to ensure that sub-contractors do not substitute common sense and safety awareness with formal procedures and stringent rules leaving no room for the individual’s use of intelligent thinking if an unexpected situation should arise.

If considered appropriate a neutral third party will audit and check sub-contractor’s equipment and operating procedures for safety compliance.

On-site safety

As a supplement to the sub-contractor’s on-site safety organization, WellPerform have their own safety supervisor on a day to day basis monitoring the activities and the general safety state of the site.

WellPerform has direct, on-call access to a senior medical doctor experienced in accident response in the oil/gas and related industry.

During the construction and de-commissioning phase WellPerform will provide their own certified and authorized Safety Coordinator.

All persons given access to the drilling site when in operation, have to attend a safety briefing before being allowed to enter the site.

Prior to the particular operation a general a risk assessment is made to check up that the existing work instructions and mitigating actions are still adequate or amended accordingly.

During the operation work permits are checked and approved by the WellPerform HSE-Safety Supervisor.

Start-up meetings are held at each change of shift, and prior to complex activities involving more than two operators a toolbox talk is held detailing how to carry out the job.

Prior to special phases of an operation like e.g. the risk of encountering H²S, special, pre-planned safety procedures are activated in coordination with specialist companies and the local authorities.

Safety exercises involving local authorities are held at intervals stated in the response plans.


All accidents and near misses are reported in a standard form in order to be discussed constructively at the next safety meeting.

A reporting plan is issued as a part of the Emergency Response Plan.

WellPerform’s Safety Advisor participates in the safety meetings, and minutes are made and submitted to WellPerform Management.

Safety documentation regarding each of WellPerform’s operations is filed for at least 5 years.