Drill Pad Design


A drilling site must facilitate the operation, present a minimum load on the environment and ensure the safety of the drilling crew.

The ideal platform

Based on sound common sense and best oil-field practice WellPerform in cooperation with the authorities has developed a corporate concept guiding the principles to be followed when designing and constructing a drilling site. These principles have proved their value when tested at the recent drilling sites constructed in Denmark.

A Basis of Design document for the drilling site in one referable statement describes the objective, principles, philosophies, risks, permitting and HSE plans for the construction and operation of the drilling site – before, during and after the drilling operation has taken place.

Guiding principles

The philosophy and guiding principles for the design and construction of the drilling site are to comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Operational safety and practical lay-out
  • Protection of ground and surface water
  • Minimal environmental / social impact
  • Simple and proven technology
  • Robust stand-alone design
  • Innovation while using everyday materials
  • Potential for easy transforming to production site
  • Rental equipment used only when profitable
  • Regulatory demands met or exceeded
  • Simplified for Emergency Preparedness
  • Being a “Good Neighbour”


Drillpad1 A site design showing the various sections. Each one has its individual drain and treatment system based on the environment and operational criteria to be met for the functions performed here.

Drillpad2 The waterproof membrane of the drilling site consists of a combination of bitumen, paving stones and filling sand allowing heavy transport and preventing permeating of liquids into the ground.