In early 2015, WellPerform was appointed the task of developing a model for a geothermal Guarantee Scheme by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA). The work was completed in Q3 2015 and has now been published by the Danish Energy Agency. The work was carried out together with Danish Geothermal District Heating, Sandroos Law Firm and GEUS with WellPerform as the Project Managers.

The main tasks of the work was to:

•Develop a sustainable model for governmental facilitation of geothermal energy including evaluation of economics, insurances, risk assessments, legal conditions etc.

•Establish guidelines and “good practice” for managing geothermal projects in order to limit financial exposure

The work resulted in 9 separate reports and guidelines that can be found here (in Danish).

The financial model that we developed and the supporting reports forms the basis for the Guarantee Scheme.