Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is an area, in which WellPerform has focus and perform work in order to assist in the maturation of geothermal energy in Denmark.

WellPerform perform feasibility and engineering studies for geothermal customers and a detailed risk mitigation report for geothermal projects has been prepared for the Danish Energy Agency (link to report).

WellPerform has thorough experience and knowledge, which is applied to planning, drilling and testing of geothermal wells including evaluation of the geology and reservoir and troubleshooting in connection with well productivity / injectivity problems.

WellPerform is performing client feasibility studies to evaluate the potential for geothermal power and how risks can be mitigated. These studies include amongst others, third party reviews, risk assessments and evaluation of insurance programmes.

WellPerform has a strong focus on “Total Well Deliverable” model for geothermal projects, which take base in a fixed price contract for delivering geothermal wells. WellPerform can deliver the framework for such contracts and the basis for the required insurance programme.

In total, WellPerform has prepared more than 10 reports and guidelines for the Danish Energy Agency. Most of them are available for download on their page (link)