Joint study with DTU initiated November 2017

WellPerform and DTU CERE have engaged in a joint study project through the Scion DTU foundation that will run during the next year.

The project has been initiated for the development of shallow geothermal resources in Denmark, with the goals to:

  • Review completed and ongoing research to identify partners for future collaboration
  • Perform high level technical/economic feasibility screening of shallow geothermal resources
  • Develop a road map to a full demonstration project implementation

Based on the experience and knowledge of both DTU and WellPerform, it is our vision to create a commercially viable geothermal energy solution, that will be available for residential, commercial, and industrial heat consumers, in the pursuit of a low-cost, environmentally friendly energy resource.

For more information on our Scion DTU project, you are welcome to contact Reuben Munnee at