Over the past couple of years we – at WellPerform – have been contracted to deliver the well design of some highly complex HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) wells. It is fair to say that the metallurgy selection and qualification process is perhaps the most challenging and complex of all the grey areas in HPHT well design.

The wells we have worked on required – owing to the high temperature and high pressure combined with high H2S, CO2 & Cl – that we combined our proprietary well delivery model with a very rigorous approach in the qualification- and material selection process in order to deliver the robustness to the well architecture that would extend the well service life while helping to unlock sustained long term production.

Our principal well engineer, Sandeep Dhawan – who is our subject matter expert in terms of HPHT well design – has created an article that describes the correct work flow and appropriate procedures when designing wells targeting a hostile environment.

The outlined workflow and procedures are equally important regardless whether the well is targeting hydrocarbons or geothermal resources.

To receive a copy of the article please visit our LinkedIn account or reach out to Sandeep by writing to sd@wellperform.com