For a few months WellPerform has been working for OMV Norge supporting them in their endeavours to find and unlock reserves in the chalk section of the North Sea. We utilize more than 20 years of chalk experience mainly acquired in the Danish North Sea and provide petrophysical support as well as reservoir expert knowledge in terms of Low Reservoir Quality Chalk (LRQC) and exploration for chalk prospectivity.

Chalk is a unique challenge. It is very tight and basically an unconventional reservoir that most of the time behaves as a seal. Occasionally, it becomes a reservoir containing trapped hydrocarbons to be recovered.

With all the “easy” and obvious accumulations being discovered long time ago, finding those remaining accumulations and evaluating commerciality of same is a special challenge and quite different compared to exploration for hydrocarbons in clastic reservoirs.

We truly appreciate this task as well as the confidence shown by OMV Norge and we will go above and beyond to make them successful. To engage with WellPerform project manager and petrophysicist Søren A Christensen please write to