It is time to say goodbye. Sad but so it is. You have spent 6 weeks with us here at WellPerform in Copenhagen. During this time, you have evaluated a geothermal project that one of our clients have in their portfolio. We are confident you have learned a lot.

We know it was a major challenge in many ways for you to come from Brazil to Denmark for this assignment. Every little aspect of doing this internship would mean you would be on new ground and with no or little experience to draw from.

During your stay with us you have developed tremendously. As you got used to English as the working language you started revealing your true potential and show what you are made of. You are a social and likeable person and it has been a true pleasure having you with us. In addition, you are a gifted, curious, adaptable, tenacious and punctual person that strive to deliver when assigned a task.

It has been rewarding getting to know you. You have told that the past weeks have been a fantastic experience and journey for you. We hope we have been able to make a small contribution to your development as an individual and as a professional.

We wish you all the best. Stay in touch.

The WellPerform Team