Geothermal well Thisted-5 completed October 2017

The Thisted-5 geothermal well has just been successfully drilled and completed to a depth of 1,170 metres. Throughout the project, WellPerform had the leading role as project manager overseeing the engineering work and onsite supervision. Thisted-5 is the first well to be drilled and completed in Denmark after the release of the geothermal licenses by DONG in 2010. The organisation was set up with Thisted Varmeforsyning as sole operator and with WellPerform and Pro-Invest as Technical Advisors.

The well was drilled without problems through the Fjerritslev formation into the Gassum formation, in which the injection is going to take place. The top of the reservoir section (Gassum A1 and A2 sandstone formations) was reached at 1,121 metres and consists of 33 metres of interbedded sand, silt and shale with two prominent coal layers. The reservoir has been completed with pre-packed screens run on a liner hanger, which will be tied back to surface with composite casing.

Thisted Geothermal Plant has an existing doublet (producer and injector pair) that has delivered heat for the district heating since 1984. Thisted-5 will be used as an additional injector well, which will allow for increased water production from the producer.