About WellPerform

WellPerform was founded in 2005 in Copenhagen, with the objective of providing quality project management, well engineering and consultancy to the industry for drilling, completion and work-over activities within the oil & gas, geothermal and mineral industries.

WellPerform has a proven track record in delivering complete Well Management projects from concept through to execution. Alternatively, we deliver consultancy services on a project basis to our customer’s satisfaction. The quality is proven by careful selection of quality professionals and alliances.

WellPerform has been involved in more than 500 Well Construction projects for more than 50 operators and clients since 2005. We have a broad client base in Europe and the Middle East.

Any project undertaken by WellPerform is of the highest level of importance to the Company, regardless of scope or size, because it is important to the customer. The focus of WellPerform in the area of project management has been – and will continue to be – delivery of performance, including the areas of safety, well construction, time & cost, regulatory compliance, achievement of well objectives and overall customer satisfaction.

WellPerform has extensive experience in preparing authority applications and other permits required for off- and onshore operations. Our management system is designed to easily integrate with the client’s management systems.

WellPerform has strong focus on maintaining good relationship with the clients and other stakeholders including the authorities. This is done by means of tools, which are fully integrated in the management system such as stakeholder analysis and communication plans.